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Drawing list from Worksheet

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@BGHi Attached is the file with the objects as before. What you need to do with the network is right click on the network and select wrap network and you get one node, right click on that and select convert to object and you get the windows. To unwrap or edit the object just reverse, right click on the object and convert to wrapper and right click again to unwrap, or right click onthe object and click edit network to get to the network. Clear as Mud?

You can have a look at some of the videos about marionette on my youtube channel Alan Woodwell.



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7 hours ago, BG said:

Thanks Alan, will try that out.

Attached is a sample schedule.

Cheers Brett

Sample Window Schedule.vwx

@BGThe way you do the schedules is exactly the way we do them and this is why I have been trying to automate them. If you draw them as a 3D object you shouldn't have to redraw them. Also when you change a window you have to go between the plan, elevation and window schedule checking and redrawing. With a little bit more thought and learning I hope to get the dimensions screens and as much as possible to be automated in this way. Will keep at it.

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Hi, Back Playing again.

Question for the brains trust.

In the attached file if I run the network in oblique view (1 on num pad)  i get my windows laying flat on the working plane and dimensioned width and height,  go to sheet layer and they are getting more like what i want. just need to sort out more the settings of the text.

If I run it in top plan mode the windows appear in top and would need to be rotated and dimensioned seperatly. 
Why is it so??????




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Same issue as above but this file has the dimensions set off windows and also FFL to U/S window.

Another issue when the dimensions run is that the witness lines are not visible. Need to go in and make visible in the OIP. If i draw an dimension the witness lines are shown automatically. So something in the Dim node needs to be altered????? Maybe?






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On 5/9/2016 at 2:38 PM, Marissa Farrell said:


I've added two brand new nodes to your network (I probably have the same ones floating around, and these ones aren't clean in the sense of descriptions, but they work. One day I'll get all of my worksheet nodes posted with correct descriptions.)

The first node is "Get Subrow Count", this will tell you how many subrows there are for a row. In your spreadsheet, row 2 has 2 subrows. I've incorporated this into your network to show you how to use it.

The second one is "Get Subrow Value", this node will provide you with the value in the subrow cell. It takes the same inputs as "Get Cell Value" as well as a "Subrow" input.


@Marissa Farrellwhere can i find those GetSubrow Count and Get Subrow Value nodes? I would like to have them for my Marionette as well. Thank you very much

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@Alan Woodwell Thanks,  I already have those but every node in there that gives you a value or string from subrow needs an subrow int as input which I can't get....

I want the network to show me the value of a selected  subrow.


The whole idea is to update objects by changing parameters in the worksheet. If anyone has a better idea or a different way that works please tell me. I am stuck here since 2 weeks. 


Thanks for the files Alan.


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@Benny Franke

There's not a great way to do this with a database, but here's the closest I think we can get for now. The only issue is that your objects won't dynamically update, you will have to run Tools > Utilities > Reset All Plug-In Objects to get them all to redraw. This is a limitation with Marionette.


The idea is to attach a record to your rectangular Marionette object and create a database with the criteria Record = [Record Name] (In my example, the record is Rect)

Then the script will set the values that you defined as Width and Height in your worksheet database as the dimensions of the rectangle.

I've attached a quick video demonstrating this (no audio)





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Hi Alan,


Firstly, Thank You!!


I'm so excited by this Marionette tool! Being the person responsible for door/window schedules I can see its going to save me a LOT of time.


I've been playing around with it in the most recent VW and am finding that the doors/windows are not looking the same as yours. Please see screen shot.


I've gone through each string/node and "run" each one individually and it hasn't made much difference.


Is this something you have seen before?


Thanks in advance.


Mel - Vectorworks Newbie

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.38.09 am.png

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@Melissa JohnstonHi you have it all you hav to do is hit 5 on the Num Pad to see the door & Windows.

0 on num pat only shows wireframe and not 3d (Top Plan),

I also tested by adding new window and ran it and it added it in and went to viewport and updated. You need to set viewport to render hidden line to make it clearer.


Also by numbering the symbols they will come out in the numeric order. 01, 02, 03, etc must be 03 as 3 =30 in computer language.


Also need to look at why some of the dimensions show 100mm at door base etc. It dimensions to the extremities of the symbols and should go to base level (off floor) Found it, your Design layer is set to 100mm so will have to look at how to cater for many design layers, hopefully simply adjusting the windows to link to the design layer and place them above the other line, maybe.

So I have added a few nodes to adjust for the design layer height so you shouldn't get any strange dimensions anymore.

One dimension is measuring to the sill which is wider that the door may need to adjust your door symbol and i will see if i can override this and dimension to the door,


Also noticed that you have some items set Elev sill of frame and some head of frame. I always use head of frame as it is usually the most constant line arounf a building and easy to work with.

if you need it to do anything else let me know and hope it assists.


Great that you are getting use out of it.








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Hi Alan,


Thanks so much for all your help.


Attached is my latest VW file. I had to manually orientate the doors and windows in the design layer, which is easy, and I'm really happy with how it all looks.


My only issue now is that the doors and windows seem to just be extrudes and polylines rather than a symbol that I can change and is then reflected in the associated viewport or even in the design layer. 

This will be an operator issue I know!


I'm hoping this is my last question for you!!!




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Hi will have a look but I think the issue is I wanted to dimension the windows and you cannot rotate plugins about the x or y axis so to rotate them I exploded via the ungroup node. It doesn’t matter as it is only a representation of the windows for the drawing, it does not destroy the symbol.

If you need them to stay as symbols just delete the ungroup node and dimension after and then to will have to use a section viewport to look at the windows standing up, then dimension them all separately in annotations.

hope this makes sence.

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  • Marionette Maven


I don't have the nodes that were created when mentioned before available right now, but here is a file that includes what I believe you're looking for.


Newer versions of VW come with a small set of worksheet nodes, you can use Get Cell Value to return the subrow value.
I created a node to get you the subrow count. I also saved it as a resource so you can save it to your library if you'd like. (If you need directions on how to get it to show up in the Marionette resource popup, let me know.)


Please let me know if you need a version prior to 2023.

Subrow Nodes_MFarrell.vwx

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