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Site Model will Not generate

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I have 3D Polygons selected, each with a correct Z value. I validated the data. I go to create the Site Model. I adjust the settings and click OK. VWX is stuck on Updating Site Model in the bottom right corner of the screen with the progress bar showing blue across 1/8th of the progress bar. Need help. I've forced quit three times and every time, I get this result. Using VWX 2016 Architect on an iMac OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite.

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Hi MIke, How large is the site? How many 3d Polys are we talking about here? And, if you click on one, how many vertices does it have? If those numbers are high, it can take some time to generate a Site Model. Sometimes many minutes, depending on your hardware.

I have found it useful to use the Simplify 3d Polys command and use a tolerance of around 2ft (e.g.). When you do this you can check to see the new vertex count compared to the original count. Fewer vertices = faster Site Model. Of course at a certain point this will also reduce the accuracy of the Model and data. So it's a balancing act.

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we're just examining the vw capability of creating infrastructure projects, with masses of earth decomposition and the likes.

imho vw has to be able to handle very subtle terrain surface changes (impossible with a small amount of 3d loci), our software for landscape designers is hands down the best one on the market.

the second thing is the exact calculation of the cut and fill masses. what does it help if i simplify the site surface ?????


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