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Paste inside EAP profile

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Somehow I can no longer paste anything into the profile of an existing Extrude Along Path. I can't even copy the existing profile and paste a second copy of it.

Either nothing pastes, or if it does show up it's unselectable and acts very strange.

This happens in new files even after restarting VW and my computer.

Is this something happening on my computer only, or perhaps a bug in SP3?

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Definitely something strange happening. Fix is to alter the view or change tools, then the profile(s) operate as expected. eg switch from Top/Plan to Top, or Flyover, or engage the Rotate tool.

I can repeat the context. For instance with a NURBS path and polygon with fill as the profile.

Setup: Enter the EAP to edit the profile, copy the profile, click/paste a new instance of the profile in a new location.

Problems with #2 profile:

•profile emerges in different location from the click. Zoom out to see it.

•is selected but has no fill

•does not respond to cursor drag.

•If Select All (OIP shows 2 Polys) then Zoom to Selection only captures #1

•Click to deselect and #2 disappears.

•Drag a marquee with select tool to reveal ghost profile.

•More weird stuff

Change the view to make it real, eg switch to Top, or flyover. Zoom in/out doesn't help.


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I did not get the exact results described here but after I copy/pasted a duplicate of the pro file object, the paste was successful but then Vectorworks locked up and seems to have become nonresponsive.

This was a simply S path with a circle profile that I have created dozens of times in the past to test EAP issues and I have not noticed this until now, I suspect something is indeed up. Submitting this as a bug now.

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