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3D dimension text does not appear in a sheet layer viewport

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Thanks, Nic, I think it might be v2015 vs v2016. If it's a setting, I've looked at them and can't find any answers. I also get the annoying rectangle around the dimension text, which I see you don't have. I've resisted going to 2016 despite owning the licenses because of all the reported instabilities. Jim, if you're monitoring, first priorities for me in future updates and development: reliability, speed. Everything else tends to be bells and whistles if those are not solid.

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1 minute ago, bcd said:

Is Display Planar Objects selected in the OIP of the Viewport?


If you're in a viewport, ^ this ^ is the most likely cause.


If the above doesn't correct it: If you set all classes to visible, then verify that View > Layer and View > Class Options are both set to Show/Snap/Modify Others, do you still not see the dimensions? If you hover over where the dimensions were placed, do you see a highlight but no geometry? Or just nothing at all?

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