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Create Drawing Title to show VP name and scale

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Hi there

I would like to create a symbol that simply shows Drawing Title and the Drawing Scale.

I have found the Drawing Title symbol in the Tool sets however when I insert the symbol into the annotation space it appears the text is not linked. You have to enter the drawing title again as text. Also the appearance of the standard drawing title symbol is not quite what i'm after.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey Josh,

The "Drawing Label" tool can auto fill it's Drawing Title parameter if the documents Automatic Drawing Coordination option is turned on.

However the Drawing Label's title will be pulling its information from the Viewport.

Attached is a screenshot.



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I noticed in your drawing preferences that you don't have save viewpoint cache ticked. Tick this and all your viewpoints will hold their rendering even after closing.

They will only need re rendering if you change something.

Also thanks for the clear explanation in your answer

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hehe, good spotting Alan, these were turned off by default for all our files from now on until we upgrade our server hdd capacity.

I haven't actually compared the amount of file size differences with either option. But as our server was nearing its limit and upgrading not in the forseeable future, these were one of the measurements taken to save on file size. Together with turning off "Save Referenced Cache to Disk" for our referenced files, and setting our incremental Backups folder to each users personal PC.

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Hi, I have a similar issue. When I enter in my Drawing Labels, the Drawing Title does not automatically enter in my Viewport Name, even though I have the automatic drawing coordination turned on. I can't even seem to change the default title... it just always fills in [Drawing Title] when I place the Drawing Label inside a viewport's annotations. The default was my file name and if I change the Drawing Title field in the options, it only uses that new default if I place the label on my sheet layer, not inside the annotations. 


I've attached the file in case that helps. 


Am I missing something? 


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Hi Alan,


I tried the same thing and they are still not updating. Everything else seems to be working fine... the Drawing Label's number/sheet/scale all work correctly and my title block coordination seems right. Is there some other setting I need to adjust? Just to be clear, here's what I'm doing:


Select a viewport, go to the Data tab and enter in a name for the viewport. Then I use the Drawing Label tool and insert a label into the viewport's annotations. I just leave the options as is (the Drawing Title field is automatically filled in with the file name in the dialog box). Then the label appears and it just has "[Drawing Title]" in that field -- I am hoping for the viewport name to show up here instead. I think that's how it's supposed to work?



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Okay, I see what I've been missing! I didn't realize there is a separate field in OIP for "Drawing Title".... I see that coordinates with the Drawing Label now. Now a follow up: Is there any way to make Drawing Title and viewport name to match each other? I would love to only have to type it in once.... 

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1 hour ago, jwouie said:

Now a follow up: Is there any way to make Drawing Title and viewport name to match each other? I would love to only have to type it in once.... 


Use my simple script in the attached file (Import it into your file using the Resource Manager). It makes the Sheet Layer Viewport names match their Drawing Titles.


Or use MichaelK has a more advanced script here - 


Viewport Rename Script.vwx

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Does anyone know how to create different graphical presets for different types of drawing labels in the same file? As far as I know, you only get one drawing label default setting per file (aka: the last one used before the file was saved). But we have a few different ways of graphically representing our drawing labels. For example, our Detail drawing label is formatted to fit snug in a grid box, whereas our Plan drawing labels are longer and have a few other tweaks to the graphical display. I'm finding it a bit tedious to have to reformat my drawing labels continually throughout a project. I'm hoping there's a way to store a preset for a few basic types. Any suggestions?



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You could select an instance of each format, go to Create Symbol, and check the "Convert to Plug-In Object" box:




This will make the definitions appear Red in the Resource Manager. Then whenever you need a drawing label, double click the appropriate one in the RM, then double click in your drawing where you want it placed. It'll drop as a Drawing Label object with the pre-determined settings.



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@Andy Broomell, beautiful!

This is a good work-around, but I still vote for the added feature of being able to save drawing label styles, and then being able to select style on the fly while creating a new viewport (or while simply adding a drawing label into an existing viewport).



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