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Sinks in base cabs - How to cut it in?

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Hi, Think this is the way to do it and does work but others may know better.

Draw base cabinet and untick counter top. then add counter top and tick sink insert. then select sink and place it in and tie up all the dimensions to suite.


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@CipesDesign I'm attempting to create countertops with the slab tool (I assume this is the same as the floor tool) but am struggling to make them appear correctly in plan.  I created a slab style that is 1.5" thick and have been classifying them in the same class as my base cabinets and on my "level 1" design level and setting the Z-off to 36".  Do you have any suggestions for visibility settings or do you typically go over everything with 2-D lines and fills to make it read correctly?  Below is a screenshot of my kitchen plan (L-shaped counter and island with bar seats).  The purple filled boxes are my base and wall cabinets with my counters (slabs) showing in black.  Ideally I'd like the counter to read as filled with dashed and dotted lines denoting the cabinets.  Thank you! 

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 1.39.12 PM.png

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