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clip cube

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thanks for the reply

I created a DLVP and with it selected I create a new SLVP but the SLVP does not carry over the clip. I doesn't create on top of the DLVP

Is the process:

Create the DVLP (works fine)

With the DVLP selected then View > Create Viewport (using a sheet layer)


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It took me quite a bit of messing around to work out how to do it.

I think this might be an example of a feature that's slightly accidental, but potentially very useful, but the VW designers don't realise it is, or why it is. And therefore, while it's possible, it's messy to use.

It's something the implementation of which could be much improved in future releases, perhaps with minimal development input relative to usefulness to VW users.

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set up you view in a DL then use the clip cube to clip. When you are happy with this then right-click on the clip cube to create a section viewport. Create this on a new DL.

You now have a DLVP.

Just create a SLVP (View > Create Viewport). Place onto a new SL to make sure you don't have a copy anywhere

thats it

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errrmmm struggling to make this work

do you create the clip cube in an iso

and then create a section viewport on the top or the sides of the model

so this appears on a sheet layer

i tried to change the view on the oip in the sheetlayer

to no avail


Go into the relevant design layer and get your view of your model into iso or perspective as you wish. Activate the clip cube and position the section where you want it.

Then select the clip cube and highlight one of its faces (the one you want to use for the section). That face will glow red. Right click on it and create a *design layer* viewport. You might want to make a special design layer just for this purpose to keep things simple.

Then go to that design layer - the one where you've just created the new design layer viewport. You should see the sectioned version of your model. You can now use the flyover tool or other methods to get the view you want. Iso or perspective. Once you have the view you want, now create a *sheet layer" viewport on a sheet layer of your choice.

I think you can sort of adjust the viewpoint from the OIP of the sheet layer viewport, but it doesn't work very well. Seems better to get the viewpoint you want whilst looking at the design layer viewport. Before creating the sheet layer viewport.

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got it

wasn't creating the clipcube on a design layer

cheers for that this is exactly what i wanted

going to use this all the time

can't understand in the clip cube mode and say a perspective view you cant action this to go straight to a viewport

seem so obvious

never know 2017 vw release !!!!!!!

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