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Zoom in Still Slooow

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Have tried new update that was meant to fix the bud VW10.1.2

Has helped but grinds down especially under magnification.

Have two to three other files open to cut and paste .

Even brought new pc to help but no difference.

P4 2.66 megahezt cpu.1 gig of ram ddr(2 ram chips running parrallel).800Mhz bus.

128 meg video.

Have tried for the beefiest pc at present without mortgaging the house .

Help 10 I presume is still being debugged .

9.5 Not like this but Its no good going back.

Are there things I can do.

Thank you to anyone who can help.


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What OS are you using?

How large are the files you are working with in VW?

Do you have other applications running?

Are you copying and pasting images or vector objects?

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Youre very promt Katie I am appreciative of this .

xp 12 -6 meg file sizes

Plans with layer links.

When they become populated in 2d they slow

Often Plans whole house in 3d then in 2d plan I

Link to a model wall layer then populate in 2d .

The more I populate the slower it seems .

I dont nest the layer links have learned this the hard way.

Tried reducing file sizeby changing prefs and all that .

I hpoe this answers .

Thanks again for youre reply its very re-assuring


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Can you check your application version and verify you are using 10.1.2.

This problem should have been addressed in 10.1.2.

The only thing that would cause slowness at this point would be something on yoru computer - video driver, just alot of objects drawn, system memory .. etc.

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To answer the Question .Yes version is 10.1.2

47 objects on the active layer

1965 objects in the drawing.

Can i send the file ?

have new computer with the newbie stuff as previously explained."Is this as good as it gets"

Are ther settings i can manipulate?

Regards Brendan

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