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Alan Woodwell

Shadows not showing

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In the attached file we are showing shadows casting on an adjacent building. The adjacent building cast and renders shadows on itself in renderworks but wont take the shadow cast by main building. Wont show the shadows in renderworks but does in open GL. Go into the viewport and the renderworks shadows show.

I have ticked in advanced section properties "Cast Shadows of Objects Removed by Section" and still no result.

Any ideas. This is a mock up but same problem with the real one.

If you move the cut plane to section the building then the shadows are cast so seems the "Cast Shadows of Objects Removed by Section" is not working in this render style.

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Hi Alan,

Seems this is a bug for Artistic RW, Showing shadows of objects removed seems to only work with Realistic RW or OpenGL.

Only work around would be to use a camera but can only use perspective views which obviously would not give you what you are trying to create.

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Thanks, yes that's what I think, and we have created a workaround by tracing over the OpenGL.

Thanks for the response.

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I had a similar problem lately with some elevations - I had created a series of Heliodon symbols, one for each elevation.

I updated v2016 to SP3, and then one of the Heliodon symbols refused to cast shadows on its elevation. I played with it for hours, couldn't make it work, so finally I deleted it and created a new one. Result: shadows now casting perfectly.

Another problem was a door symbol that wouldn't show the sill reveal, even though all its settings were identical to another door symbol that displayed correctly. I think it was an old symbol that I carried over from earlier versions. Deleting it and recreating solved the problem.

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