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Cubic vertex mode polyline


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I am trying to figure out a way to output a 2D polyline from a list of 2D points. I do not want to use the Bezier vertex mode or have to add vertices to my list. I want it to be interpolated as a cubic curve directly from the list. The curve needs to be closed or not.

Similar to the polyline tool (see image)

Any idea?


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Hi, See attached. The change vertex mode gives you the option to use each of the corner bend types.

If you have a long list of vertex's put them in a word document then cut and paste into node, that way its easier to see. the node line is small and hard to see.


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If you are drawing a shape and use either an object or by control geometry you can change all the vertices at once to the same radius or alternate vertex.

Have to think a bit more if you need to change some and not others, I think if you are drawing a shape and you want certain to be curved and not others it may be easier to do it first as control geometry or an object.

Others may have a better idea.

Will think on it.


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Thank you for your help.

Yes, the output geometry is one polyline, but if you look in debug mode there are as many objects in there as the number of vertices you modified. In your example, 11 and 21, respectively. So when I am running 100 polylines at once in there and modifying 100s of vertices at onces, the data flow gets a bit out of control..

Do you see what I mean?

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I think I see it and if my understanding of the way the computer program works it does one step at a time looping through the network as many times to complete the task.

It could be 1 million times but it all happens in a nano sec.

This would be considered a simple task compared to what they are doing generally.

I still cant fathom how all this happens in a small chip.

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  • Marionette Maven

The issue here is that you have 21 inputs going into the Change Vertex Type node, which repeats that script 21 times. Technically, all of those outputs from the node are still the same Poly. (You're still only modifying the same poly.)

One way you could handle this for now would be to use the "Get Item" node from the data flow nodes, using the list output from "Change Vertex Type" and an index of 0.

I'll try to figure out a better logic for the "Change Vertex Type" to only output the number of polys input to it, rather than the length of the list of vertices. I'll post the revision here once it's done.

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Hi Marissa,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, that makes sense, it is pretty often that you would want to modify large lists of points and multiple poly at once though. So having the possibility to input as many lists of points as the number of polygons would be very useful.


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