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No, not like Autocad at least. It would be an extremely nice feature though.

The scroll wheel by default acts just like you clicked on the up or down arrow three times. You could reassign it to do a keyboard stroke like Command 1 or Command 2, but this is not like the continuous smooth change in magnification that Autocad provides.

The hold down scroll wheel and pan feature is also very nice in Autocad.

I currently assign the scroll wheel click to open and close the object info pallette.


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I am using a Logitech Wireless Mouse, w/ 2 buttons and a scroll wheel, VW 10.1.2, OSX.2.6. Using the mouse wheel, scroll and zoom both work wonderfully, and no setup was required on my part.

A really nice touch with zooming is that the screen anchors at the mouse location, so that spot remains fixed as you zoom. Thanks NNA. It's nice.

Scroll up/down with the wheel

Scroll left/right with Shift-wheel

Zoom in/out with Option-wheel

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