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Chamfer and Fillet as Edge condition rather than fundamental geo-change

Tom Klaber


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Funny, 5 minutes before, I played with the chamfer tool.

It is not bad as you have a select all edges option and its chamfer dimension

can be edited later. I welcome any more features like said above though.

Beside that I really would like to have the rounded/chamfer option as a

plain material setting to keep geometry clean.

I know there is currently no such material effect in plain C4D but every 3rd party

renderer or other 3D App seems to have one. Effects on render time are negligible

but the effect of realism and quality is enormous.

To have all those small chamfers that show specular highlights like in reality.

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I agree, but:

A simpler first step enhancement of fillet and champfer in VW would be a re-fillet and re-champfer function, means: that allready champfered / filleted corners of polys could be champfered/filleted again with another value. Setting this new value to zero would be un-fillet / un-champfer. This is how AutoCAD does it since its existence. I do not understand why VW does not have this simple functionality.

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I too was playing with the chamfer tool for the first time yesterday.  The tool works reasonably well, but the resulting objects then have to be made into autohybrids to show up correctly in plan. 


It would indeed be nice to keep the floor object (or whatever you use to make the shape) clean and editable, and the chamfers a modifier that can be applied or un-applied as needed. 



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