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3D modelling

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Wonder if it may be a nice idea for our talented forum members to post 3D model elements and how they were created

It may give us all a better understanding of what can be created using the software and its numerous tools

when I start a project I sometimes really have to think really hard how I am going to model certain items

Sometimes successfully and sometimes not

Just a thought but I think it could be really useful to us all

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It always sucks when you post and then you get no response so to avoid any tumbleweed blowing across this one I will kick it off with a model I made a while back and just re-rendered in 2016 with AO

You can guess what it is and if you can't you probably don't have kids or its just badly modelled :)

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Here's some of my older stuff. Feel free to ask questions. I'll post more when I have a bit more time. All are modeled in VW and rendered in Cinema 4D.

The first 2 are University of Phoenix Stadium (in section views) for the Katy Perry Super Bowl Halftime Show, then an event space here in New York that used to be a church, and finally a Nespresso machine I built for the product launch.

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All really great, Evan! Is the RawSpace a fantasy? an as-built analysis? design for new? Thanks for showing!


Thank you! The raw space is a real space called the Angel Orensanz Foundation. I was hired to model it for another designer who was working on a large scale wedding in there. I built it off of 4 hours of on site survey with a laser tape and photos... :) It didn't need to be 100% accurate. You can see the real space here.

Barkest - looks amazing - is that straight out of VW?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yessssssss show me what you got! I love rendering talks.

Allow me to share a few snippets from our Rendering training, our own Luis Ruiz did the large majority of the work with some tips and a little input from myself. The video and files for which will be publicly available as soon as possible for you all to learn from or improve upon:






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Here's how I model Velfac modular-style windows. It's a combination of native window objects, extrudes, auto hybrids, wall hole components and the only system I know of for showing window numbers in plan and elevation when using 3D symbols.

The only problem with the numbering system is that you have to render the numbers using OpenGL in your elevations. The Hidden Line engine won't work.


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Absolutely awesome thread! beautiful work folks!

When I left NYC for the west coast at the turn of the century, the Angel Orensanz space was a decrepit mess, often used by experimental arts groups as an inexpensive performing space. Looks like that trope has been stood on it's head.

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Christiaan, thanks for sharing your window and door method. It works, but it's not parametric. Have you ever tried playing with Marionette or scripting to construct a parametric symbol? If I ever have a few days, I'm going to give that a try, based on your system.

NNA would do well to look carefully at this example to see what a modern parametric window/door tool should be capable of doing. Constructing something with Python or VS is all well and good, but way too many VW elements are script-based and, hence, execute way too slowly compared to compiled core program elements.

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