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data base and OIP

the frog

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I would like to get the values from the IOP here ‘taille’ (see capture) in the spreadsheet

I found out how to get the node name, not really useful or the generic name in this case Objet Marionette, not really useful when you start having different types of Marionette object in your drawing.

I built a database (very simple) where of course I can have the name of my object. The lg refers to the length I could put in the database, but then it won’t change if the ‘taille’ value changes in the OIP

In the capture, the added column ‘taille’ is just a name in the sheet

It would be great to be able to get the values and all the information we have in the OIP in the spreadsheet.

Anyone has an idea?

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I think this post might help:


In that example, the Marionette Script will assign record values to the Marionette Object, which can then be reported in worksheets.

Please let me know if this is what you're after/if you need any guidance.


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sorry for the late continuation I couldn’t log in

For those following this post, with Marrissa’s help, the solution is in the attached file.

At the moment this is an Erco lighting track. if you go in control geometry you can change it for whatever you want.

It helps a lot when you have to get the info from the spreadsheet.

Please fill free to use.

Later I will try to change the name because when you sort by name = 0, by type it comes as Marionette object (normal). Not easy when in the document you start to have plenty of different Marionette objects, they all get selected at the same time

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