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Any idea? - I'd like to select all objects,listed in a worksheet list?


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Hi there,

maybe someone has an idea..?

I've created a worksheet list using some search criteria.

Now I'd like to select all the objects at the same time, using a Vectorscript.

I know that I can click an a worksheet list entry and chose to activate it in the drawing, but I'd need some script that activates or selects all the objects at the same time...

Any idea?

Thanks for help,


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Yeah, thank you for the quick response.

But if I use the worksheet criteria in my script, the script only works with this certain worksheet. Or is there a way to read out the criteria of a list?

Maybe something like this?

I click on the first row of the list and call the Script with the contextual menu (right mouse button). The script 'reads out' the criteria of the list and selects each item.

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New info:

I just found that I can select ALL the objects at the same time by right clicking the row of a list (the first row, that contains the search criteria).

Now I have another problem:

Each of the listet items is linked to a database record.

I'd like to read out the record for each item and write the record entry to the parameter of the item.

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