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Patrick Winkler

Check if Object is a Container

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I need to check if a object conatins other objects.

Therefore I wrote this function:

def isContainerObj (obj):
   return vs.FInGroup(obj) != vs.Handle (0) 

It works but vs.FInGroup will return a error Message to the console when the objects is no container.

Has someone a more elegant solution for this.


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What if you check the type of the object you're querying to see if it's a group or a symbol or another object type that could qualify as a container? That should let you know if it will have any "children".

Still a little clunky, but I'm sure there aren't many other object types that would qualify as a container.

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In addition, if it IS a group/symbol/container object, you may also want to call GetParent on it to see if it's a child of ANOTHER group/symbol/container. (If it returns a Layer, then you're at the outermost container object)

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You should be able to use the error to your advantage:

def isContainerObj (obj):
	h = vs.FInGroup(obj)
	return false
	return true


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I'm not sure about it but checking the type for vs.HandleContainer () should work accurate.

def isContainerObj (h):
t = type (h)

print (t)

return not type (h) == type (vs.Handle(0)) 

h = vs.FSActLayer ()
print ( isContainerObj (h) )

Maybe some one can confirm this.

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