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Marionette & Vectorworks Inc

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is Vectorworks Inc planning on making parametric objects with Marionette for its users?

I'm thinking furniture options or something like this : http://nitro4d.com/blog/donationware/nitrobookcase/ - (a C4D object)

I'm sure the early adopters don't want to give stuff away once they get the hang of it.

I can figure out changing dimensions or materials on M objects but the thought of planning nodes etc gives me shivers!!

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Hi Trevor,

I am sure there will be users happy to share. The key aspect if you are looking for users to help is specifying what you need really. Often half the time taken in development is designing the spec - if you can contribute to that, it is more likely that you'll get help in the Marionette solution - nothing worse than creating an object and then someone saying 'that's not what I wanted' :)

For example, in the bookcase example you highlight, what are the key parametric values you want to include?

i.e. Height, Width, Depth, Number of shelves etc And do you need the books etc.



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  • Marionette Maven

Currently, I don't believe that we've discussed providing objects, other than those that are being shared on the forums. There is no plan in place to release any Marionette objects within the software.

I agree with Martyn, though. So far the members of this community have been great in sharing what they've learned and helping others along when they get stuck. I would also agree that describing what you want the results to be specifically will greatly improve the chances of help.

I pretty much hawk over the Marionette forums and help wherever I can. I do sit back, however, if someone else has input (because I think learning from everyone is very important, and I want everyone to have an equal chance to communicate his/her thoughts on methods of creation)

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that does sound a bit disappointing Marissa.

I would not expect someone to go to all the effort and expense of writing something like the nitrobookcase for free. (I note vectorworks/maxon have now bought this for the latest version of C4D).

As there is no ability to lock/encrypt an Marionette object it does not make sense for someone to go to the effort of producing professional objects for purchase that can be easily copied. (https://techboard.vectorworks.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=221095#Post221095)

The worry then, is it will remain a hobbyist part of vectorworks for the foreseeable future? that seems a lost opportunity and will not encourage use or new users.

As a customer of vectorworks, I'm looking for the software to speed-up my workflow without having to be an expert in every area of it, either through vectorworks or third party add-ons.

And when its a good third party add-on, buy it to incorporate into the software! http://planet.vectorworks.net/2016/04/weve-acquired-panzercads-technology-help-makes-designs-picture-perfect/

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