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Different Sheet layers need different units

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Is there some way to set units in a sheet layer?

I have many sheet layers in my project. Some need to be dimensioned in feet and inches, some in inches, some in fractional, some in decimal. I realize you can set Units the the global document prefs, but this is not useful in a document with 20 saved sheets.

This is a pretty fundamental thing since I can't imagine a project where everything would be dimensioned using one units system. I went to the Edit Sheet in the OIP, but there was almost nothing there. I'm probably missing something simple. I know there is the dual dimensions pref, but that is a work-around and also only gives you two AND is probably a global pref AND requires you to turn on/turn off. It's a pain. This is in the latest version of VW2016 Architect. Thanks for any help.


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You scale and annotate in the viewports. So a sheet can contain many viewports potentially with multiple scales. The sheet is just a repository for the viewports, you do very little directly on the sheet.

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MH, you have a great idea. To have maximum flexibility, it would be ideal to be able to choose units on a per viewport and per dimension basis.

It is possible to do what you want with the following workaround involving a custom dual-dimension style:

1. Create a dual dimension style for your document

2. Set the dual dimension units you desire using document preferences (e.g., primary ft&in, secondary in)

3. When you place a dimension, go to the OIP (Object Info Palette) and change the style to your dual dimension, then set the option for that dimension to "Dual view: Secondary Only" from the dropdown list. That dimension would display in inches instead of ft & inches.

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Thanks, Pete, that's what I do now and that is helpful to a degree. That, however, only gives you two units. I often work with non-North American clients and need to change to Metric along with the English units. There are many other reasons a professional drawing app shouldn't limit you to two drawing units. In short, this is something that needs to be done via the Viewport OIP. This is really very simple. Find some old timer who used to draft by hand and mimic his work flow. You will find that different drawings at different detail levels merit different units. You would use feet and inches to dimension a site's boundaries and the house sitting on it, but you wouldn't use feet and inches to dimension one of the bricks. Pretty basic stuff and I'm surprised it is missing from VW. Guess I'll "wish list" it.


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