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Line by distance and two points

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Hello Marionette gurus:

Is there a way I can get Marionette to draw me a line using a start point, a point on the line, and a distance?

This seems to be giving me more trouble than I had expected. My current workaround is to draw a line from the start point along the X axis of distance D, then draw a line between the two points, get its angle, and rotate the first line to match.

But I know there's probably a more elegant solution.

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Yes. I'm sure it could be done with supplied nodes, but there is little support for vector math in the current set of nodes I searched, so the easiest way I found was to roll a custom node.

Here's my stab at one that answers your question. If it's not exactly what you need, try tweaking the code inside, but if you do, please post back your changes.



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