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symbol for substractions

Bas Vellekoop


It is possible to use a symbol for an substraction.

(for example an extruded circle that I use several times in different parts of the model where I need a hole for a bolt)

It would be very helpful if you change the substraction symbol that you get an dialog box which asks if you want to update al object that use this symbol as an substraction.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Agreed, submitting request now. Currently you have to edit the Solid Subtraction and then exit the editing mode again to update it which isn't ideal. Solid subtraction stores the subtracted object as a 3d symbol, it doesn't extract the guts of the symbol or convert it to other geometry like you see with path-based objects, so I would think this would be doable.


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(though I think something similar has been requested before, last year, though I'm not sure if it was exactly the same request)

That's probably correct, but last night I had to change the diameter of a subtraction in 4 different related designs with in every design several holes for the same sized fasteners.

If I was able to do this with just 2 clicks I would have save me allot of time and double checking if I didn't miss something.

So I thought: "I need this!" :)

Couldn't find the related thread/wish

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