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Vectorworks Service Select cost

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I purchased VW from 2013 and this is the first year I am unsure whether to renew my VSS.

As above - I would like to know what the new updates would be. I really need better import solutions such as SVG and PDF's being useable as graphics and not pretty pictures. As a pattern designer and my need to do accurate geometric constructions any fancy updates to BIM etc are pointless. Importing files to be faced with millions of lovely points to play with is a no-no. Poly smoothing will only go so far.

Anyway - rant over. Should I bite the bullet and renew or not? What is the main advantage of continuing with it? I am an individual freelancer and not employed by a company who pays for it!

Gail B

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The first taste of what 2017 will be offering will happen next week at the Design Summit! I will be announcing them here during/after the presentation.

ALL the features however, will be announced at release. Unfortunately I can not speak to everything yet. But honestly this year the Design Summit isn't even getting all the best ones, which I think was the right call.

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I am shocked by how much it has gone up. I joined VSS in 2009. The rate from then is quite affordable. But when i hear how much my friends, who just got it in the last few years, are having to pay, I know that I couldn't justify that cost.

Same thing happened with Cinema 4D. I bought it in 2010 expecting to upgrade each year. Then they changed how it worked, and the cost became so prohibitive that I never upgraded once. I still use my version from 2010.

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