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Max Le Creurer

Intensive green roof

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Here is something I have not yet been able to discover how to do in Vectorworks.

The design I am working on at the moment is supposed to receive a intensive green roof.

Now, it can be that my scouting around the options of the roof tools was not good enough... But I have not found yet how I can make the top layers of the construction of my roof into respectively soil and grass...

Anyone any tips/ideas?

Thanks in advance!

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Nothing explicitly built into the Roof object to accommodate green roofs so far. The closest I have seen was the use of Slabs or Roof objects with components textured and colored to represent the various soil and grass layers.

This is a quick example I slapped together using a Slab, but I suspect the same could be done with Roof Components:


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Well... Until there comes a built-in whatever to accommodate green roofs, that sounds like a decent solution!

And more more elaborate shapes of roofs, I might just want to render a model of the soil+grass layer only, on top of some roof elements. In my head it makes sense at least, I'll be giving it a try next week I guess ^^

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I am willing to be proven wrong, but I am sure roof objects having components is the solution. It is just knowing how to use Vectorworks objects for a given purpose.

What I recommend is to have a group of component classes. I name ours Component-Turf, Component-Earth, Component-Concrete, Component-Brickwork and so on. If you have more than one concrete type on the project (for example, one for walls, and another for slabs, or one with a different texture), then create more Component classes.

Personally I think having separate component classes for wall and roofs (for example, Wall-Component-Brickwork, or Roof-Component-Framing) makes life confusing. In the real world, a material is a material no matter where you use it. Better to have them all under the one class heading.

Also all of these classes can have the correct linetypes, fills, hatches and textures so that they appear correctly in Top/Plan, Section VP, and 3D render. Energy value ratings for each component can be assigned when you create a slab, wall or roof component style. Also each component can work in conjunction with your finishes schedules.

Hope that helps.

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Oh no I agree, having the components is 90% of the way there. I just meant that I have had users requesting more advance green roof-specific features like irrigation, drainage and sunlight calculations be integrated directly into the Roof object. I'm not sure that balling those all up together is the right way to go, but thats the extra stuff I meant wasn't accounted for yet.

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Hi All,

Here's the beginnings of a green roof slab style....

You'll need to adjust the thicknesses of the components, it was designed to be modelled independently from the structural roof deck (whatever that may be...)


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