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Inserting Multiple Windows

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Things aren't happening as I expect them to. What's a better way. Have a round wall and wanna create a bow window in it--5 windows total in the bow. Use the window symbol from the sampler resource file, set it to a perfect 90 degree orientation for the building, and change its width to 4'. The question is...how to best place the other 4....2 on either side with perfect spacing? If I use the same symbol, I have to change the width on each. I tried the Symbol Pick-Up mode from the 2D Insertion Tool, but clicking on the window in the wall gives message saying that's not a 2D Symbol. Tried Duplicate Symbol in Wall tool, but that wants to measure from the end of the wall, and I want to offset from the existing symbol. Am I overlooking a tool, or the way one of these tools works?

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With more experimenting, it seems the Duplicate Symbol in Wall tool doesn't work on round walls, just straight. Is this a conspiracy against dome designers? :) Can you confirm it doesn't work on round walls? That makes it a nuisance to add a bank of windows following the curve of the dome...

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My guess is that it's a limitation. I'll look into it.

A curved wall would require the window to rotate along the curve of the window. Since the duplicate symbol in wall works along a line, the curved wall poses a problem.

When I find something out, I will let you know.

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I agree it appears to be a limitation. VW already knows how to make the window follow the tangent when inserting one, so placing multiple shouldn't be toooo much of a stretch. It'd sure make bow windows easier to create, and I do that on almost every project. Right now, it's really painful to do.

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