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Announcing Build Earth Live Hyperloop Competition


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Design teams from around the world are invited to create a plan to link Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a super-speed Hyperloop in the latest challenge in the annual Build Earth Live series. Created by Asite with a headline sponsorship from global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc., the competition exists to showcase how new technology is revolutionizing construction. Teams are tasked with joining together in collaborative work using building information modeling (BIM) technology. The event will focus in particular on the design of station terminuses within the context of two global cities.

This year’s team-based competition will begin on Monday, May 23, 2016 at noon ET and end Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at noon ET. Taking place over 48 hours, this time period allows for teams from around the world to collaborate on a flexible time schedule, regardless of their time zone.

Asite CEO Tony Ryan said, “We’ve decided to use the concept of the Hyperloop to connect two Emirati cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, as a fitting demonstration of what it is possible for people working far apart geographically to achieve together. I am excited to welcome Vectorworks back as headline sponsor."

This is the eighth collaborative BIM competition hosted by Build Earth Live to raise awareness of cloud-based working, international developments in interoperability and public access to the design process.

“On behalf of Vectorworks, we are happy to return as headline sponsor of the Build Earth Live series, and as in year's past, the competition selection surely won't disappoint with the Hyperloop technology's theoretical potential to reduce travel time between the cities to about five minutes,” said Jeremy Powell, director of product marketing at Vectorworks. "Also, the competition serves as an important reminder that openBIM is a powerful way to connect people for collaborative work, and we can't wait to see what everyone comes up with."

Prior to the competition, Asite will release a high-level design brief followed by the release of full details. Teams are free to use any interoperable technology and to keep a public collaboration site so that visitors can observe and comment on the process.

Asite COO Nathan Doughty said, “This eighth edition of the Build Earth Live series is a return to the Middle East, following the success of Build Qatar Live in 2012. We will be focusing on the infrastructure challenges around one of the most exciting innovations of our time in transportation technology — the Hyperloop concept. The Hyperloop is a disruptive innovation that could radically alter the world we live in for the better, and we are excited to see what concepts the teams create in May!"

The event will conclude with an awards ceremony and presentations to the press. Award winners will be recognized as leaders in their field and masters of collaborative technologies.

For sponsorship and partner opportunities, please contact marketing@asite.com.

Whether you are a BIM novice, BIM expert, or simply an observer sign up and take part in our Global Build Earth Live events here: http://www.buildearthlive.com/.

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