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Crash when Opening Second File

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I am running VW10.1.2 with Windows XP Home. As of yesterday, everytime I try to open a second file in VW, whether I've closed the previous one or not, I get a runtime error and the program shuts down. It doesn't matter which file I try to open, they all seem to crash the system. Any thoughts? My guess is I'll probably have to reinstall but since I'm on the jobsite for the next month I'm away from my CD of the program so I'm hoping it's another issue. Thanks.

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THis is the second instance I've heard of this. This was a problem in an earlier version of VW that was addressed. I hope that same problem hasn't cropped back up again.

Do you have Acrobat Distiller installed?

If you do, when you launch VW - an untitiled doc opens. Go to File>Print Setup and see if it has Distiller set as the printer.

If you don't have distiller -can you please tell me the printer make and model you have as your default printer. Also include the printer that is selected when you launch VW and go to File>Print Setup.


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The problem was supposed to be fixed in Adobe 6 - the same problem was in Adobe 5.5.

VW 10 introduced a workaround for the problem with 5.5.

Our engineers are still talking to Adobe as to why this crash resurfaced with Adobe 6.

Meanwhile, when you launch VW and need to open a second or multiple files -- go to File.Page setup and select a printer other than distiller.

Distiller shouldn't be the printer in teh Page Setup which is the problem. It's bypassing the print data in the VW file and making itself the lead dog for the printer.

You probably don't see this crash in other applications because other applications being used do not store the print data in the VW files.

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I too have noticed the increased time it takes to print a pdf which seems strange to me. On a Mac it has become faster and easier which is not what I'm used to at all. On large files it might take 15 minutes to produce a pdf and that is still after adjusting settings to the lowest possible file size. I assumed this was just an Adobe problem but now that I've had it installed for a while there doesn't seem to be a time difference with other programs. Could this be a Vectorworks issue? Or rather an Adobe/Vectorworks issue.

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