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Project Sharing Vectorworks Note Database

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My firm is using project sharing. We also keep all of our project note databases in one place, so everyone has access to them. That was working well for us before we started project sharing. Now we are noticing that when we need to add keynotes to a project that any previous keynotes on the sheet seem to lose their connection to the database. You have to select each one and re-click the box that says "Place As Keynote" otherwise they disappear out of the Notes Legend. Has anyone else run across this? Does anyone have any suggestions/fixes?



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I have run into this problem as well, precisely as described. The unfortunate workaround we've found is to not open the file with project sharing. Keynote database link works fine this way. We are running 2016 typically and I will see if this problem occurs in 2017 once I have that installed. 

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On 2/7/2017 at 3:08 PM, iBagwan said:

go to the object info palette and change the Keynote Legend to default

Hi @iBagwan, can you please define the setting you change to 'default'?  


The only setting I can identify offering 'default' is under the 'Keynote Display' dropdown, but changing this will alter what data is shown, and is surely not a desirable outcome. Are you suggesting that after changing it to 'Numbers (1, 2, 3, ...) [default]' the user can then change it back again to the preferred option without the notes loosing their connection to the database? 


EDIT: Never mind. I confused the Callout object with the Keynote Legend object. 

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