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skate bowl

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Not sure this helps with present project, but subtle drainage surfaces can be formed by adjusting points in a Mesh or an Interpolated Surface.

VWX Mesh and Interpolated Surface objects both offer points that reside on the surface as opposed to the control points of a NURBS surface. OIP reports actual position of the surface at each point. These types of objects offer some degree of Top/Plan control of a surface via OIP adjustments of z values.

The mesh is a series of connected planes or facets defined by straight edges. Vertex positions can be tweaked, individually or in selections, numerically or by drag. More points make a smoother approximation of a continuous surface, but also cause more intricate selecting and repositioning.

The interpolated surface produces a continuous object. The number of U,V vertices is user adjustable, so potentially more manageable than the mesh. Unfortunately Interpolated Surfaces are only created by converting existing NURBS surfaces. Many NURBS will not convert to Interpolated.

Weird Workflow - a site model can be formed using a bunch of 3d loci as the source data, eg known xyz points on a skate bowl surface. Set the Site Model 3d view to 3d Triangles, then Ungroup the site model to reveal 2 sub groups. One group holds only perimeter polys. The other group holds a Mesh with points located at the source loci positions. Adjust z values as needed.

Would a Drape Surface over this mesh produce a useable model of the skate surface? Or some Mesh smoothing process?

Wish: Create an interpolated surface over a selection of 3d loci or 3d polys or NURBS curves. Kind of a point cloud function without having to import a scan.


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