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MIrror ball effect


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I have an old mirror ball symbol that sort of works. You can use that as a starting point.

The basic idea is this:

Create a sphere with the sphere tool

Create a point source light at the same coordinate as the sphere

Create a renderworks texture with these basic shader settings:

Reflectivity: Mirror, 80%

Transparency: Image Mask. Make an image mask that is a small circle inside a square.

Bump: Tiles, Square.

Shadows: Cast and Receive.

Then you muck about with the texture size settings, fog settings, lighting settings, etc.

That will get you most of the way there. I've never bothered to figure out how to get rid of the outline of the square. Maybe someone else will have a clever fix for that.




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Make a spot light with Caustics Only turned on in the Obj Info Shape pane, and Caustics turned on in the RW options (Custom RW or RW style). Aim the spot light at the ball just like in real life. Let me know if that works.

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I think you're right, Jim. But caustics are pretty cool!

There is no "volumetric" fog in VW. Instead, fog is a parameter of the light object.

When you turn on fog for a light the first time in a drawing it creates a renderworks background. In the resource browser it's just called Background-1.

Editing that resource will change the value of the fog.

It also helps to play around with the distance falloff of the light object.




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Hi ... haven't been here for a while

I found in my stock a Mirrorball from 2011.

The only difference that I see to the one michaelk posted is that the texture is

completely based on tile-shaders, so it doesn't need an image for the holes

and the size of the dots stays adjustable by modifying the circle diameter in the transparency channel .

In FQRW it renders quite fast.

With lit fog enabled it takes a while at least on my MacPro from 2006 ;-)

I've worked with Caustics in C4D, found it way too much efforts and render time for just an effect in the whole Event Set and Scene.

So tried to do the MIrrorball effect with the holes in the Mirrors.

Strength and color is adjustable very fast just by editing the light inside the Ball.

works for me.



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