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Interiorcad or interiorcad xs references?

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Thanks Stephan

I do have that manual

I have reverted to using interiorcad 2014 as it is easier to create frame and panel doors, which are a necessity in American Kitchen design

When will the cabinet door function in that is available 2014 is added to xs 2016?

The potential for quick creation and editing of custom cabinets in 2016 is impressive. For me (and I'm sure many others on this side of the pond) quick creation and editing of panel doors is crucial.

Tom Pearce (St Thomas) tells me it should be soon-- Can't wait!!

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2016 is unfinished (see post above) but if you watch the video on Extragroup's website the potential for quick, dynamic editing is pretty impressive.

I am using 2014 until the panel door creation section is completed, which is supposed to be soon.

I like 2014 a lot but one can't install interiorcad 2014 and run it w/ VW 2016 which is really unfortunate.

I'm told that when VW went from 32 bit to 64 bit in 2015 Extragroup had to completely rewrite the program for the new Architecture.

Being a woodworker, I don't understand the previous sentence that I just wrote but it does seem plausible.

I really have high hopes. I'll let you know in a couple of months how 2016 is.

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Thanks for the response. What baffles me is that it is taking YEARS to get this software up to speed. Certainly they had advance warning of the change to 64 bit.

I admit the ideas of custom parts and dynamic editing are great, but why so long to implement?

Either way....I'll keep watching. I'm just not giving them any more of my money until the software is essentially complete.....

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Hi, I'll chime in. I have been waiting a long time for a functioning version of InteriorCAD. I'm currently running my shop with 2014, but have paid for 2015 and 2016. Why has it taken so long to make this upgrade? There are many things I like about my system, but our production really needs to improve. I'd love to have a dedicated forum.

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we hope to integrate this for the polish market. the interiorcad functionality makes vectorworks a complete software for interior designers, from the first concept through to fabrication. we can really stand out.

the germans have made a great job, anyway.


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