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Zoom In Slooow Down

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Can anyone help

Running VWA+RW10.1 ,xp,p4,1600mhz,512ddr ram,64meg o/b graphics .

Have 3-4meg file with layer links and so forth.

When I zoom in my refresh rate is so slow

the more I zoom the worse it gets .Sometimes i even loose my graphics for a while .Really frustrating and non productive . Is worse when say a Site plan or floor plan in 2d is getting more populated.

Have tried reducing bits and pieces in settings no difference .9.5 was not like this .

Can some kind person tell me this is not me for the rest of my working life (which wont be long at this rate )

Any suggestions anyone ???

Cheers Brendan

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Update to VW 10.1.2 and see if that helps any.

There was a bug in early versions of VW 10 that caused the file to respond slowly. That problem was resolved for VW 10.1.2.

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Thanks Katie for your prompt reply. Did do that

and it has helped on some bigger files when I zoom in close it does slow down alot and regeneration is stilted.

Is this Windows system?

No doubt as we keep going it will improve Thanks again for the immediate help and backup.

Regards Brendan

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