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Library Creation Methods & File sizes

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Wondering how ppl are making their library files? 2 questions regarding this.

question 1

Ive seen 2 methods

1.Open a new file build your parts within that file and then convert to symbols(which then puts them in the resource browser.You see both the parts in the drawing(bc thats where they were drawing) and in the resource browser (since they were converted to symbols.

2. Build the symbols in your file, and then export them out to the library.

When using method 2 you dont see any parts or symbols on the actual drawing window.... only thru the resource browser

Is there a right and wrong way to create these? I assumed the export method was in place for this reason. So you don't have to open the "library file" and paste in the item on the actual drawing.

Question 2

Our "library file" size has grown to over 70MB. All of these symbols are set to convert to groups when used. All are basic 2D geometry, tho some are imported dwg with "many lines". We have attempted to compose a lot of the line work down to about a 1/4 of what they were. This doesn't seem to have a big impact on file size.

Is 70mb considered a big library size?

I could only imaging how slow this would become if we were using 3D geometry. Any insite would be appreciated.

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Since you won't be importing the full library to a new document, I don't think you need to worry about the size.

You might consider splitting it up over multiple files, depending on how you want to categorize it a little more, but this can be very specific to your needs.

I'm assuming your library are base objects you need to edit differently for each object ? Otherwise, keep them as symbols when inserting.

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I have exported out a few of the larger folders so I can see making it multiple files. As we found that you could create subfolders in a file, seemed practical to create 1 files as opposed to many.

Right now we don't have much need for referencing. So as I set this up I thought maybe its best to convert to a group for now, eliminating confusion for some. So I set them to convert on use.

IS 70MB considered big?

Only reason I'm looking into this is we have started to incur some seriously slow load times when files are being referenced from the sever such as a set of favorite files in the resource browser.

My thought was maybe the library bloat might be causing this. I think we have some underlying server issues that are the root cause, however if you have 5 guys accessing a 70mb file along with a few others files saved as a favorites ,I couldnt help but wonder if it was the constant refreshing of each library favorite by VW wasn't slowing this down?

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Thanks MichaelK

Hmmm,I was kinda hoping that 70MB was normal as it didnt seem to large to me, however that now begs the question on why such a delay when switching from one favorite to another if a library of 500MB could work wo issue? Working on a late 2014 Imac that has all the VW recommended specs, and 16gb of RAM. VW 16 seems to really be bogging down our network, or at least appears to be the culprit, as most of our slowdowns are now occurring with 16 in place.

We dont do much rendering or 3d modeling, more so simple 2d geometry.

It seems the answer to my question is -no it isnt the large libraries that we reference from the server.

Were also working on updating some of our network equip, maybe that will reveal an underlying issue.

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I recommend not building symbols in your Library File.

A good practice is to build in a clean 'workshop' file, bringing the required classes in from your Cad Standards or Library file.

A variation on this is to begin the build in a working file and export this symbol to your workshop file. Then once it's perfected and passes your QA checks export it to your Library file.

You can then re-import it to your working file, replacing it's older twin.

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Thanks BCD, So it sounds like the way we do it makes sense. Some of our drafters get a little confused when they open the actual library file as opposed to accessing it thru the browser as a favorite, and dont see any physically drawn parts, until they double click the item thru the resource browser, seems un-intuitive to most I guess.

For many years we simply copy and pasted parts from single files,having multiple files open, not utilizing the resource browser. So I'm pushing to implement this workflow as we grow and want to make sure I fully understand it inner workings.

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I don't build anything in the library file.

When I realize that a resource that I'm building for a current project would be useful, I export it to the library file.

Most of the time for symbols there is a folder to put it in. But not always.

Every once in a while I open the library file and organize the random symbols.



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