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Hardscape Object - 3D set to "Pad" only works for Proposed, not Existing

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Why is it that Hardscape objects with 3D attributes (such as Pad or Texture Bed) can apply only to the PROPOSED site model?

I want to be able to modify the *existing* site with Hardscape objects. I know I can just create separate site modifiers & manage the existing site that way but it seems like extra work. Why not have the same "Apply to: Existing / Proposed" drop-down for Hardscape objects 3D-display as there is for Site modifiers?

Is there an easy way to work around this?


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I've delved further into this issue. It appears to be an oversight in VW's development process, i.e. someone simply forgot to include the "Existing/Proposed" toggle in the parametric Hardscape object.


- I called VW support & a tech reproduced the issue.

- We tried to work-around by attempting to right-click and Edit the internal properties of the Hardscape object, but to no avail -- there's no way to display or edit the Site Modifier object that is presumably hiding somewhere inside the Hardscape Object.

- He said he'd double-check with other support staff, then submit this as a feature request / functionality fix for a future update.


Attached are screen shots:  The Site Modifier object can be set to apply to the Existing, or Proposed  site model. But the Hardscape object cannot. (!) 

The work-around is clumsy: Set the hardscape object to be a Slab (which does not modify the site,) then copy the hardscape object shape, paste it elsewhere, Ungroup it & remove any slope tags, then use Create Objects From Shapes... to create a Site Modifier object from that hardscape object shape, then configure the Site Modifier object slope(s), & apply to Existing/Proposed site model setting, then move the Site Modifier object onto (aligned with) the Hardscape slab object & group the two together.


When dealing with 10 or 15 slabs across a model this is time-consuming & a nightmare, esp. if any of the Hardscape Object slab + Site Modifier groups need editing. Requires temporarily Ungrouping the group, editing the Site Modifier object only, regrouping, etc.


Attached screen shot shows where the "Existing / Proposed" exists in the Site Modifier OIP, but not in the Hardscape OIP.


I can't believe more people haven't complained about this. How does anyone sanely model an as-built site without being able to use Hardscape objects and have them apply to the existing site?





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