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Postscript Printing Crash

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We have a few files in our office that are between 1.5 and 3 mb in size and are having difficulties when trying to print them to various different postscript printers. What happens is when you go to page setup or print, the hole machine freezes....? Very simple. Whats weird is that this dosent happen on all machines. I have checked memory allocations to both VW (9.5.2) and to each of the postscript printers, on all machines in the office and they are all the same. The versions of all the software on all machines are also the same. We are running MacOS 9.2, Vectorworks 9.5.2 and the latest Adobe postscript driver (8.8.0 i think).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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512mb on most machines, more on the rest with anything between 100 and 300 assigned to Vectorworks. It only crashes when trying to print to postscript machines and only in a few drawings. The postscript printers work fine printing from other packages on the machines that are crashing......?

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YOu may want to remove the printers and set them all up to ensure they are all using the same version of Adobe PS.

An error type 2 is iether meory or extension conflict.

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