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VW 10 new file save issue (w/ VW 9)

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I keep a copy of VWA 9.5.3 as well as VWA 10.1.2 on my Mac (OS 10.2.4) in order to perform certain operations such as import .dwg files and "Show Ceiling View" , both of which usually cause an "unexpected quit" in VWA 10.1.2. Problem is that opening and saving a file in VWA 10.1.2 results in a file with a Mac OS 9 icon that, if double-clicked to open, tries unsuccessfully to open up in VWA 9.5.3 (OS X). Deleting the VWA 9 application or compressing it into a .sit file allows VWA 10 to save new files properly. This isn't necessarily a NNA issue, but it did cost me two hours' lost time to troubleshooting.

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DId you reinstall VW 9 after you install VW 10, or did you update a version of 9 after you updated a version of VW 10?

The bigger problem is the crashing.

Have you ever run Disk Utilities?

If you haven't, that may be contributing to your crashing issues.

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Until today, VWA 9.5.3 has remained unchanged on both machines since the 9.5.3 patch was available; VWA 10 has been upgraded similarly when available. Didn't notice any problems until I upgraded to VWA 101.2, but that may not be significant.

Deleting VWA 9.5.3, then restoring it from a stuffit archive seems to have fixed the problem, at least temporarily.

As you said, the crashing is a bigger issue. I've repaired permissions and run Norton Disk Doctor a couple of times with no apparent effect on the crashing associated with importing .dwg files and running "Show Ceiling View" on certain files. Another function I've learned to stay away from is adding or removing drawing sheets in large files via Setup>>Create Standard Sheets. Takes lots of time and 100% CPU capacity to adjust a 65-sheet file, while having to click "OK" on numerous dialog boxes that otherwise don't have text in them. Anyway, it takes way too long. I've been babysitting one file for over fifty minutes while typing this and eating lunch; the watch icon is spinning, CPU is at 100% and a message in the lower left of the drawing window reads, "Creating Sheet 65 of 65 - [100% Complete]" It's apparent that I'm going to have to "Force Quit" and re-open the file just to get some work done.

Other than the above crashes/hangs, which I invoked deliberately to see how v10.1.2 would behave, VWA 10.1.2 is stable. Unfortunately, these three functions are important for my work. The first two I can get done in v.9.5.3, but adding/subtracting standard sheets via "Setup" has never worked correctly for me. More troubling is the absence of productivity this morning.


Philip S. Wheelock, Jr. AIA

Wheelock Associates Architects


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