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Plant Placement Tool Problems

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We're having issues with the plant tool in Vectorworks 2016 that we never had in previous versions. When we try to place a plant, it does not go where we've selected, but rather out in space somewhere. It seems to be related to its insertion point. We have no idea how to fix this. The best we've come up with is to create our plants, change the 2D graphic to be at 0,0, then delete them. Once we do that, they come in properly, but again, never had to do this before and it is extra time spent on each planting plan. Newer versions should be streamlining processes not making them more difficult and time consuming!

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Haven't experienced this issue and have not heard from any of my clients that they experience such a thing. Would you want to share a file and someone, including but not limited to myself and we could try and see if we get the same result?

You mention changing the 2D graphic to 0,0 this should be your default on the symbol definition to avoid just such an issue. But you have been using these same symbols previously? This is a shot in the dark but could it be page based versus world based for the symbols?

Hope this helps.

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