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Urgent Help - Walls

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I normally have no problems with VW, but I updated to 10.1.2 for my VWA over the weekend.

Today I was laying out a new building and went to use the Wall Type Tool, having selected what wall type I wanted from the Select Wall Type, and when I used it, it was 'stuck' on what wall type that was intially showing.

I have rebooted, restarted, tried various wall selections as well as using both the Straight and Round Wall Type Tools. All regardless of whatever Layers and Classes are selected.

I am a PC user P4 1.5Ghz 512 Mb Ram etc etc.

Has this cropped up recently?

All my Workspaces and Templates are intact after the 10.1.2 update.

I have checked all the files in Windows Explorer under VWA - namely 'Plug Ins' folder - 'VW Arch' folder - 'Prefs_Def' - and the File "Wall Type Library.txt" and it is the same as earlier backups.

If nothing is obvious, I think I will have to reinstall 10.0 and the 10.1 update (more downtime) but not the 10.1.2 update which may screw me when further updates come out.

Would appreciate your input and comments [Confused]


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Looks like a bug. I have the same problem.

This is not good! Is it possible to issue a fix for this problem? I'll probably stick with 10.1.2 right now, since it fixed the awful slowness in snapping on a model layer, but it seems we sometimes get out of the frying pan and into the fire with these updates. I don't recall reading about any changes to the Wall Type function for this update - if someone has made changes, could you just recompile with the old code and issue a working version?

VWA 10.1.2


P4 2.0Gh

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Experienced the same problem, on Friday after downloading the 10.1.2 update to Mac 9.2.2 VW 10.1.

Called in to tech support, said they would get back to me. NO RESPONSE ! After much trial an error with system folder, walls still stuck. Even on the back up copy of 10.1(partitioned Drive) before the upgrade. Trashed all VW applications, prefrences and extensions and reloaded 10.1. All remains steady! Maybe someone up there knows whats going on since it also now has effected both platforms (Mac & Win). Seems the solution will be available in 10.2 would be my next guess.

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If you talked to me, the engineer was not available on Friday.

I have already discussed this with him this morning.

I will let you all know something as soon as I hear something.

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Originally posted by Katie:

[QB]We have a fix !!

Please email me and I will send the fix to you.

They will be plug in files which you will need to place in the plugins folder in the VW folder, replacing the ones that already exist.

Has this turned out to be a VWA 10.1.2 bug, ie the wall type tool is broken? And is the resolution above required for all installations of VWA 10.1.2? Or will there soon be a 10.1.3?



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The fix is just a VS file that I send you and you place it in your plugins folder.

It does not require a whole new patch version for the fix.

There are hours and hours and hours that go into making installers alone for patches. For a file that's a few k in size, it's not practical to make a new version of vw.

If it was a problem with the internal code of VW where we can't just send out a new plugin file to you, then a new version would be considered.

If you email me I can email the fix to you as soon as I get the email.

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Can someone summarize the problem and who it affects or what specific actions it affects? I read the above, but don't know what y'all mean by the wall is stuck? Since I haven't yet seen this, I could leave well enough alone, but with my luck, I will first notice it on a Friday eve at about 6 pm when I have to get something to a client by sun eve and can't get any help.

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VW 10.1.2 - when updating to it and selecting the wall type tool - no matter what wall type you have selected - the same wall type is used.

Affects: Anyone updating to VW 10.1.2 and uses the wall type tool.

This fix should be posted to our downloads page shortly. For now, if you email me I can send the fix file back to you.

The file sent back is simply the .vss file for the wall type tools. You delete the ones you have in the plugins folder and replace them with the ones I send.

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