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Spotlight Lightwright reverse sync ?

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here is a reverse question

I have a venue drawing with no lights, just a pdf reference.

Designer gave me a lightwright file with all the info.

I have created the Data Exchange Link.

Trying to have all the info in LW import into the drawing as orphans then I can select those, make them into fixtures from my fixtures within the resource browser.

Cant seem to get it to work this way. Any ideas?

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you're not gonna have the kind of luck I think you're hoping for. Lightwright doesn't store any coordinate data so any symbol the LW brings into VW - and yes, it will import them - will be at one end of the lighting position listed in LW. IF there's no lighting position listed, or the position listed doesn't exist in the VW drawing, then the symbol will appear at the origin (0,0).

Also, unless the venue file already has the same symbols that the previous LD used - and I mean word-for-word the same in their naming, they'll all show up as a generic rectangle, because VW won't know what symbol you're trying to import.

I just opened a show file and LW that I've been working on. in LW, I added 10 VL2500 Spots - a fixture that I'm not using in the show - on the 1st Electric. I've also added a Mac700 - also not used - on the 9th Electric. I already have a 1st electric in my VW file, but no 9th Electric.

So you can see in the pics, the VLs just all dropped (as rectangles) on the end of the 1st E. and the Mac700 dropped at the origin, since there is no 9th electric.

I hope that helps

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