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Acrylic White 2447 Texture


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Hey community,

I've been in a constant battle for months trying to create this very specific texture.

My company rents out LED lit "mods" in various shapes and sizes such as bars, dance floors, runways, etc. They are built using an acrylic called White 2447.

I just can't seem to create the right mixture of settings and presets to mimic this acrylic effect, especially when it interacts with lighting.

Has anyone created acrylic textures similar to this? Or have an idea on how to?

Much appreciated!



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I would say :

Color : as liked

Reflectivity : Glow > Reflectivity about 30 %, Blurryness 0,0 (or max 0,5%)

Emit Light yes;

Transparency : no

Bumb : no (or very, very subtle)

The first Problem is,

there is no Image Texture Option for Glow. You could try "Add Matte Reflectivity"

In other Apps you would paint a Texture Map with those darker corners/edges

that make the glow look "bright", like in your examples.

You could try to dimm the Color Channel instead, by such a gradient Texture

and to make it work together with the the right amount of power of the Glow.

The second Problem is, that Reflexion Channel is occupied with the glow, you can

no more set Fresnel for Reflexion, like you could with the Reflexion > Glass Option.

(Subtle if you look from in front of it, very glossy if you look from side)

Or you try Reflexion > Backlit (also no Texture option) but use real light sources.

Edit :

Hey, you have exactly the same Machine as I have :)

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