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Subtracting Solids

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I started with the idea of taking Jonathan Pickup's cabinet marionette and simplifying it to make a planter only to realize that, while this almost works it is fashioned on the thinking of cabinetry and slabs butted together rather than a cast or molded item made of concrete or similar.

What I would like to do is create an object that is formed from the inputs of the user defining the dimensions of the planter (Width, Depth, Height, Wall thickness, Finish) and the resulting marionette object would appear, just as Jonathan's example as an AutoHybrid object. After that is solved I would like to make this object have attached records allowing for use in a worksheet.

It would be nice if we could create the object by either extruding two rectangles and subtracting the smaller from the larger thereby making a whole with the wall thickness factored in or draw a double line polygon based on the dimensions and then extrude that shape to the height desired.

I could not find nodes that would do any of these things. Is this something that I can add to the wish list or did I simply miss them? The image is of the script as currently configured and a start above of trying to consider an alternate path.

Thanks in advance.

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The one you are probable after is the Solid Boolean.

See Box network attached.

This is possibly a simpler way of making a box than setting up all the sides.


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This is fantastic. Its the damnedest thing that you can look and tinker and the moment you have someone with a different perspective look at something...bam! Thanks so much.

I suppose it would be simple enough to invert the process such that when you change the depth of the box it moves the top edge of the box not the bottom up.

Again thanks so much! What is that font, mapped it to lame Arial now can't find the name? Could you send that to me?


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Yes the invert I was going to get to that and test which way things are extruded based on the direction you draw the lines.

The more you know all the options in VW you have all the tools when faced by a challenge and Marionette tools are same so I play with what I know in Marionette and see where it leads me.

Take the sweep command etc.

Font is Tekton Pro, it came shipped with my VW.

Glad I could help.

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