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Report spreadsheet changing size


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My boss and I share CAD files. He is on a Mac and I'm on a PC. Every time we trade the file, our report spreadsheet which we use for an equipment schedule) changes size. This is a huge hassle, because we both have to constantly re-adjust our viewports for these. We do not manually change the size and we are both using the same fonts and sizes. So, on his end the font will be "Arial 10 pt." and on my end it will also be "Arial 10 pt." but the overall size the spreadsheet changes. If anyone has a solution to this, we would be very grateful! :)



This is true for every file. It does not matter if he created it or I did, or if we used an old file or started from scratch.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

No, it should not be changing unless the Arial on one of these machines is fundamentally different than the other, which is possible, but uncommon.

If you use a different font than Arial, does the same issue occur when you transfer files between the two machines? Do either of those machines have Arial font mapped? (This can be checked under Tools > Options > Vectorworks Preferences > Display > Edit Font Mappings)

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