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Fabrice Spelta

Font displaying but not printing

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Finally found a font that looks a lot like my own hand draughting font. It is Draft Punk Ltd, purchased from MyFonts.com. It displays perfectly fine but does not print at all; it is just missing. Not on any of the three printers that i tried does it work. Nor through Adobe PDF or a freeware pdf generator, nor does printing through rastrising output (SLOW) work; all these seem to get stuck in some never-ending loop.

Other software, like CS6 Design series (illustrator and Photoshop) or Libreoffice all display and print the font fine in any shape of form.

It appears to be solely VW that has an issue here, or is there something wrong with this font?

Anybody else had any problems related to specific fonts?

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The owner of the font has come back to me and suggested un-installing both the OTF and TTF versions of the font (I had installed both) and re-installing ONLY the TTF.

This has worked for me. I guess the OTF font throws the other one off somehow..?

Thank you for your prompt reply.

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Yes. If you have both, the OS will usually default to the last one that was installed. Our TrueType (TTF) support is much better than our support for OpenType (OTF) so that result does not surprise me. Glad you got it working!

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Jim, OpenType fonts can be TTF or OTF, the former being TrueType coded and the later PostScript coded.

Based on the link you provided above it seems OTF OpenType fonts are still(?) not properly supported like TTF OpenType fonts?

If so, are there plans to improve the OTF OpenType fonts support in the foreseeable future?

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Has the OTF Opentype support of Vectorworks been improved or is it still the same as for 2016?

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