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Delete Symbol Definition, Convert Instances to Groups

Andy Broomell


When you delete a Symbol definition from the Resource Browser, it would be great if there were an additional option to convert any instances of that Symbol in your document to Groups, so you still have the geometry but no longer as a Symbol.

(I'm thinking particularly of when I've imported files, such as from SketchUp or AutoCAD, and found a ton of Symbols in the RB, each with only one instance in the document. In those cases I don't want everything to be Symbols, but I do want to keep the geometry. So having this functionality would be a lot simpler than selecting the Symbols throughout the document and manually converting them to Groups.)

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how about using Custom Selection to select all symbols, and then Convert to Group.

The problem with this approach is that there are often Symbols inside of Groups, so this doesn't catch those. (It'll list the correct number of Symbols in the Custom Selection dialogue box, but it doesn't actually select them afterward).

One workaround when I have a mix of Groups, Symbols, and nested Symbols is to Select All, make it one giant Symbol (temporarily), then Convert this Symbol to Group, and select "Convert nested symbols and plug-in objects". This effectively de-symbolizes everything, if that happens to be the goal.

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