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Undo the L join & remove mitres?

Benson Shaw

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I unjoined an L join to insert a column by dragging the wall ends away from the join. Both walls now have mitred ends.

How do I remove the mitres so I can butt the walls to the column? I could remake the walls, but then I would have to reinsert doors and windows.

I have auto join walls turned off. Several locations like this in the building.




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That's what I thought might work, too. But, no. Order of execution does not affect.

I tried:

•No End Caps, then Remove Wall Breaks

•Remove Wall Breaks, then No End Caps

•Repeat with End Caps Both Ends, Start, End.

I finally found that this can work (Top/Plan view):

•Drag the end of wall away from the initial join to reveal the mitre.

•Draw a new wall as a T across the beveled end (Might need to be same height).

•Apply the Wall Join tool>T mode>Capped Join mode. Order of join selection matters.

•Delete the new short wall.

•Apply a cap and drag the newly squared wall to correct length.

Sometimes, just drawing the new wall across the mitred wall produces the squared end.

Some mitred L joins revert to unmitred when dissociated.

I'm still trying to figure out what initial conditions set up the different outcomes when dissociating.


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Actually benson I am not seeing this behavior now that I take the time to experiment. I was recalling issues I used to have apparently.

When I pull walls apart they automatically heal...whether I have auto join walls activated or not.

Maybe you have a corruption?

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