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Chamfer and Small Radius Fillet On Walls

Tom Klaber


First - I know you can fillet a wall - but the minimum fillet is the thickness of the wall - or thereabouts. It would be really great if you could fillet a corner at a small radius. Apparently this has come up here several times and has been a big reason that nobody will adopt the use of the wall tool.

Also, the chamfer tool should work with the wall tool.


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I've run into several situations where the thickness of a wall impedes joining. Most common is similar to a chamfer:

2 thick walls meet at an acute angle like Tom shows. But they are cut, not at half the joining angle. Usually the cut is 90deg to one of the walls.

My solution is to create a 3rd, very thin (1/2") and short wall where I want the cut to happen. The thick walls then join with the 3rd wall. It doesn't always work, and I rarely use wall components.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/cys1ajowutntbzw/wall%20join%20mess.JPG?dl=0 ( I never did learn how to post a picture.)

Some detailed control over wall joins would really help.

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