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Scott Souchock

Turn off Callout & General Notes Tools Auto-Fill


In VW2016 callouts and general notes are auto-filling/auto-populating such that the last entry in one of these tools pops up as the entry for the next one that I choose.

VW prior to 2016 NEVER did this.

And I can't think of a good reason why these tools should work that way.

And if someone thinks of a good reason why these tools should work that way, then make it a user-selectable preference.

With this "change" I have to do three extra keystrokes: Command+A to select all and then the Delete key. This extra work significantly slows down my workflow for the projects and work that I do!

And another thing, if this is a feature it should be noted in the release notes and I can't find that it is.

This wish list item is really a bug report in my book.


Scott Souchock

VW user for over 20 years!

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Strangely enough, I had not seen this in VW2016 until recently, but since a recent deployment (SP4 for some, fresh installs for others) it's now occurring on my machine and in machines throughout our office. The autofill is being created on a per-file basis (whether I start from a template or a blank file), not globally, so it doesn't appear to be something we could change via the .xml preference files.

Another thing I've noticed which may be related is that the option in the Callout Preferences to "Apply Settings...All New Documents" no longer appears to work for new files opened from templates - just for blank files.

I've resaved templates with adjusted default callout preferences to deal with the second issue, but the first one is quite a distraction. If that preferences is now saved within the VWX files now, please give us the option to turn it off. Thanks.


UPDATE: It's the same issue as discussed here, except that for our files, whatever text is entered for the first callout in a file is what becomes the autofill default, even after a VW restart.

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I'm seeing this callout autofill issue with VW2018 Fundamentals as well, and I would very very much like it to be fixed. New callouts should always be made with blank text by default.

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