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Custom Stair Tool

Jeremiah Russell


OK. I've now been a VW Architect user for more than 3 years. In that time I got very comfortable and was happy with the Custom Stair Tool, which is now a legacy tool no longer supported. I've been asked "why wouldn't I just use the Stair Tool". The reason is simple - the custom stair tool is far superior and allows me to much more quickly create a stair and handrail that looks the way I want it to (2D and 3D) with very little fuss. The stair tool, in contrast, is incredibly cumbersome, has too many menu options and takes far longer than is practical to create even the most basic stair for a model.

PLEASE BRING BACK THE CUSTOM STAIR TOOL!!!! As a practicing architect I need to be able to QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY navigate through as few menu options as possible to create objects and the 2D appearance is far more important than the 3D appearance during schematics through construction documents. If I'm doing a rendering I can screw around with custom handrails and nosings and whatever else.


Jeremiah Russell, AIA, NCARB

Rogue Architecture


VW Architect 2016

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Running VW2016 with latest update... Been a VW user for about 13 years now...

The Custom Stair Tool is so much easier to use than the 'new and improved' stair tool, yet when I change wall heights mid-project, instead of updating to match like it used to, my CUSTOM STAIR DISAPPEARS!!

This is really causing a lot of hiccups in my daily workflow. This is work, not a hobby - we need these tools to work seamlessly all the time. We do not have time to figure out work-arounds. This is why we pay the big bucks to have a VW Subscription - so that when you put out an update, it is meant to be better than the previous version, not worse.

Please bring the custom stair tool back out of Legacy, and fix it in the process!!!

Thanks :-)


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The stair object seem to be very fradgile. I have had to advise people only use the stair tool to help the generation, but after they get it right- to explode it into 2D and 3D parts - because too many times people have opened the document to find all the stairs replaced with "Can not calculate Stair" messages - and they would have to start from a backup or worse - from scratch.

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