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Inserting Accessories in VW2016

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Since upgrading to VW2016 I've not had any luck with the Insert Accessory tool... or any accessory-type insertion.

It seems that most of all of the City Theatrical and Altman top-hats/snoots & barndoors have disappeared from the libraries. So all we have now is the 2D USITT accessories. And those seem to only want to be Lighting Devices--not "Accessories".

When I select an accessory, it defaults as a Lighting Instrument. I must go into the Spotlight Tool Set and select insert as accessory. This seems to only work about 70% of the time. (I'm sure that it's operator error and my impatience there!) After the insertion and selection of which instrument it's attached to--then I have to go to the OIP and tell it that it's a "Static Accessory".

In previous releases it was known as to be an Accessory and what type of accessory. And whether or not to attach the active Label Legend.

Is this a known bug? Is this a supposed improvement? Or totally operator error and I'm not doing it correctly!?!??!

Thanx! Preston

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I would second the trying of Autoplot tools for Spotlight. There are many other scripts to speed up the plotting workflow. For example,there is one for instant instrument alignment to it's electric position and a tool for quickly inserting lamp dimension for that position.

Steve Ross

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YES! You are correct.

Firstly--the necessity of using the *new* drop-down menu is really more important that is understood. As this is a new thing--and we've been using the RB for so many years, changing the way it works just takes knowing and understanding the whys and wheres.

My problem has stemmed from the USITT Library. After a phone conversation with VW, the tech was able to replicate my issue. The library has NOT been given its information in the Light Info Record at all. Therefore, defaulting to a "light" without allowance for proper data for Lightwright Exchange. This has been reported to Engineering.

What I discovered to correct data that I need for proper LW-Exchange:

In the RB:

 >Right click on the symbol

 >>Edit 2D Component

 >>>Mouse-click anywhere in an open area to de-select any items

 >>>>In the OIP select the DATA tab

 >>>>>Highlight the Record Format

 >>>>>>Highlight the Record Field Default

 >>>>>>>Edit information in the lower Record Info box


One thing that was not notice--nor brought to my attention is that with VW2016 you:

1) Select the Insert Accessory tool first (like you did way back in like v12)

2) Use the *new* Drop-Down Menu

3) It will populate as to all items that are insertable as an accessory (Accessory and/or Static-Accessory)

4) where the old VW2015 it was a file folder--it's now under the sub-heading of Default Accessories. not as easily accessible from the Resource Browser as in the past versions.

Sorry for rambling... but this is finally understood and a Closed Case!

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