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Editing Hatches

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Hello VW community,

I would like some help in understanding how to Edit Hatches. Here is a screen grab of what I am trying to do.

This is a drawing exercise for a class I am teaching in VW. For the purposes of the exercise this would be fairly easy to draw with various methods of using the parallel line tool and/ or some combination of the duplicate array tool...as you can see from the upper example.

But if it were a bigger project, obviously one would want to create a custom hatch. So I am trying to teach my students how to do it, but can't seem to figure the tool out myself.

Any help is much appreciated. See my attempt in the lower half of the image. Specific help on setting the dash and offset parameters would be much appreciated.



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Rajesh - it doesn't appear that your screen caps were successfully attached to your post.

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In many cases, if you want to create custom repeating geometry as a fill, a Tile can be a better choice, they are much easier to create manually than hatches:

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Hi @Jim Wilson,

Thank you for the video, can I get your suggestion on if I should make this paving pattern in 'Hatch' or 'Tile'? (See attached image)

I was told the tile mathod would slow down computer and pixilat when printed, but personally I find Tile is more intuitive to edit.

As Landscape architect we study these patterns frequently and probably making lost of studies of it, I am open to try out different method if you have better suggestions!

Thanks in advance!



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In the above case, I personally would have to go with Tiles as I don't believe i could get the Hatch editor to create that look at all.

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