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Is there a known issue in 2016 with Cameras?


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Tried that and initially they were moving about when clicked, but i zero'd the 'Bot Z' and camera heights and it seems to be under control now.

Is it possible that VW moves the camera (correcting it) if the geometry is not possible? as it only seems to happen the first time you click after inserting the camera. i.e. my model was only 100mm tall and yet the camera was inserted at 1500mm height with a bot Z value and look to height of roughly the same.

I didn't realize the camera has a height and look to height which have a value already - is this a last used setting feature or something? i had assumed it was inserting it with a bot Z value of 0.

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I've reconstructed all of my cameras because they were bouncing around (not holding their place) and did have some high Z values. I thought it might be because the cameras were created in a VW15 file. I tried resetting the origin which may have been the wrong thing to do. I also noticed that the affected cameras always displayed as selected in the camera visualization palatte so deleted them. Not sure if this is a known issue or not.

UPDATE: the new cameras are also defective. they reset to the page center on a design layer. I moved the page on the design layer so when they shift they don't move a few thousand feet. also the Z heights and look to heights are constantly changing i am trying to use save view to maintain the views I want.

OSX 10.10.5


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Hi Jim,

I have also been having issues with cameras in SP1, 2 and now SP3.

1. Edit camera through sheet layer VP, change camera view to Top/Plan (press Command-5), then select Activate camera view. The camera number in Shape tab of Object Information Palette is renamed.

2. When camera is directly over/under view point. For example, camera height 3000/-3000 Look to Height 0 doesn’t work.

Thank you for any clues as to how to fix this.

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similar problem here.

working on a 3d model which is rotated 270deg. in 2d plan.

place a camera and activate it. then deactivate it

switch to a view from left, right i.e. via keyboard

switch back to 2d plan and the camera is rotated as if the 2d plan is rotated back to it´s origin...

see also the attached screenrecord.

VW2016 SP3


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I see that you have an overall Z-value for your camera.

I avoid that.

It was mentioned some time that there is a bug with cameras having Z-heights.

This was a standard problem in VW 2015.

I think that included Cameras with no Z but being on Story Layers with a Z-height.

I am not sure if there was said at any time said that this was finally fixed.

Nevertheless, even if I avoid any OIP Z-heights and strictly work with Camera+Target

height values only and strictly place Cameras on Layers with zero height setting,

my Cameras go crazy.

Mine tend to jump back to Origin regularly.

Another thing looking problematic for me are cropped camera views which I avoid.

My problems got very noticably when trying to create a standard .sta seed file,

where I got heavy problems with Cameras, Heliodons, Viewports, ...

As there are many people having no trouble with their cameras and stuff,

I think it has to do with either Files and/or Objects, created in previous VW versions.

Even if things get deleted and you try to redo things, it looks there are still invisible

corrupt things in the file you can't get rid of and which will corrupt all your new

elements again.

Like having deleted all cameras and done every purging, but when you create

a new camera, it will be named Camera02, as if there would be any Camera01.

My Template File I am working on was started in VW 2015 or had at least contents

done pre-VW 2016. I stopped development at this point.

So I would send that file to VW support, if there is any chance to find the cause of trouble.

And if it's possible, start files and testing from a completely "blank" file.

Do not use any template file, that could inherit any content from any Previous VW version.

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hi zoomer,

i had this behaviour according to the cameras within the last three weeks in 3 projects.

all 3 projects were started from scratch in VW2016.

nothing that was copied from a previous version.

mostly when i come across things like that, i do an export as textfile and reimport that into a new empty file, so that i can see if any error occurs. did this here also and no error came up.

so i think that it may be related to some other things inside vw2016.

i´ll see what Jim´s answer will be...

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Something more than was already fixed is occurring, but I believe it to have either a different source or it occurs in different circumstances. If you can submit the files with a description of how to replicate to Bug Submit over on the links on the right, I'll have a closer look and we'll get it locked down.

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I tried again my paused template file.

It looks as SP3 is a bit more stable regarding cameras.

I could play a whole while.

But at one point it started again, can't deactivate the camera, or at least the

icon in Cam lister won't disappear. After a restart Cam2 had moved at the same

position as Cam 1.

But this is a file created in VW 2015, maybe even some 2014 imports and a

unrelenting nameless Render Background in my Ressource Browser that I can

temporarily (re)name but not delete at all. Also it switched camera crop on

itself again ...

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So, I tried again from a blank file in VW 2016 SP3.

(ok, my template file, so some geometry and settings imported, but definitely no cameras)

It isn't everything kosher still.

Have to point out, creating and setting new cameras for me and my scenes means indeed

touching nearly ANY* camera settings, for single cameras or for all at once, from any given

settings panel.

As I have to do so many settings, I do it for the first camera and am duplicating (!) any further

needed cameras.

* Like :

Cam/Target height value looks to have an imperial origin > edit, to round numbers.

Aspect Ratio > edit, DPI > edit, switching DOF on to set my preferred aperture,

switch DOF off again to deactivate, focal length/view angle > edit, change Layer and Class

for several time until being confident, ....

I'm not sure if there is any setting I do not touch.

And I do these multi cam selections manually from Screen, by Viz Palette or by Class, ...

to change single or multiple settings for one ore any numbers and combinations of cameras

numerically or graphically.

Things that happened for me :

After setting most values for one cam and first Duplication,

changing again some settings and positions in Top Plan, I early noticed that Target Height

of both switched from 1,60 m to 1,599999 m for any reasons. No big problem but strange.

While trying to edit single cameras, some cams changed/took coordinate values of an other

cam at one point. So no real cam loss, just a position setting loss.

Switching between camera Activation/Deactivation I managed to reach max 5 Active-Icons

at one time in Cam Lister, which I couldn't get rid of again.

Luckily, I had no further camera data loss, as closing and reopening the file seams to somehow

heal the issues, like multiple Activation Icons in Cam Lister.

Will keep observing my Cams in the older files.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Something is still up with cameras, I'm sure of it now. I had two users come to me personally at the Summit and demonstrate some very strange behavior. I have submitted another case on it to have engineering take a look.

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It was in VW 2015 when little Camera problems started for me.

That was pretty sure the known bug when having a Z value in cameras only.

I have an important file that I created in VW 2015 or 2014 with many cameras.

When I try to activate and switch through Cameras in this file VW 2016,

I lose some one or other of my cameras positions pretty fast there.

Therefore I'm thinking of using that file again in VW 2015 only (?)

Can you confirm somehow that this one camera bug was solved with any

VW 2015 SP's for the old camera system ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I know the main one about Cameras moving in Z repeatedly when activating and deactivating was resolved at one point, i tested it personally, but it seems it is either back and slightly different, or there was more than one bug in the first place and we only fixed part of the overall problem.

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Yes, for me it looks that 2015 had only 1 Bug that looked like matching my problems

with destroyed cameras 100%, and it looked like I could avoid that by avoiding any

Z values.

Still not sure if Cameras are allowed, even when having zero Z, but placed on

Story Layers that have any Z assigned ?

(+ some smaller problems with invisible geometry hiding camera view or any light)

And for VW 2016, I think that the new cameras have far more and more complex problems and

cameras converted from previous VW versions have an even shorter half live period.

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