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Slow Down under 10.2.6

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4 of us out of 14 have upgraded to OS 10.2.6. 2 of us have noticed that VW appears to slow down over time requiring a restart of the application to get us back up to speed. Has anyone else noticed this?

OS 10.2.6

G4 733

256-640 Mb Ram

VW 9.5.3

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I just upgraded to 10.2.6 and I find my whole computer running slower than in 9.2.2

Also my object info and resource pallettes don't have a minimize button. Anyone understand that?

powerbook g3 500 256

os 10.2.6

vw 9.5.3

everything is up to date as far as carbonlibs and such.

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If you are noticing a significant slowdown in the OS overall, you may need to run disk first aid to clean up cache and temp files.

Go to the applications folder> Disk utilities.

Click on the First Aid tab.

Click on Verify Disk permissions. When that has completed, click on repair disk permissions.

Make sure all appliations are closed durring this process.

The process does more than verify disk permissions. It cleans temp files, cache and a number of other things within the system files. Don't be fooled by it being called "disk permissions".

As for the minimize button Marc, this is a feature called window shading. Window Shading is no longer supported by the OS as of OS 10.0.0.

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Katie thanks for the help. Got a question though.

Maybe I was using the wrong term. I want to be able to "collapse" the object info palette by double clicking the title bar. Are you telling me this no longer works? Cus that would uhmmm hmmmm not be very good. For me that is.

As far as the slow down it's really weird: when I drag for a zoom the zoom rectangle doesn't start drawing for just a split second, long enough to through off my zoomed view. Here's what happens, let's say i start dragging at 0,0 down and to the right, the zoom rectangle doesn't start drawing until about 5,-5.

Any ideas?

Any one know if you can change the system font size in X?

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Go to this site for a utility freebie program called TinkerTool which lets you adjust the font size among other helpful items.


It will load into your menu dock in system prefs.

As for the slow down, I noticed it when we first upgraded to OSX on our older 400 mhz G4's. When we went to the dual processor G4's the speed problem went away. There must be a minimum speed processor threshold to allow the application to work at its best.

[ 05-20-2003, 05:20 PM: Message edited by: Bryan ]

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